The limits of consent


November 25th

8pm// Teatre Tarragona

Director/ra: Michael Keerdo-Dawson

80′ Estònia, 2022.

VOSEng & Cat


Anna, a high-tech pick-up artist who helps awkward men to seduce lonely women in high-class bars on cold evenings in Tallinn. She can play the game of sex and love like a professional, she knows just what to say to manipulate anyone into doing what she wants (or consenting to what she wants). But Anna’s own love life is far from perfect.

This modern Cyrano de Bergerac story offers you the possibility of deciding the direction of the plot. Your decisions will lead the story to an end which is not yet settled, creating a democratic system of storytelling. What kind of narrative phenomena will emerge as a result? That is actually up to you.

Michael Keerdo-Dawson, a British filmmaker settled in Tallinn, proposes an adventure both for the audience and his characters who will evolve depending on how the story grows. A fascinating device for developing the core of the story – how sex is helping to fix our souls or is just a tool at the service of our desire to connect. Sometimes we think it is the way to reach love or maybe it is just a game of power dynamics.

World Premiere in Tallinn Black Nights_Rebels with a Cause

Premiere in Spain