One of the most influential initiatives in the fabric of the city is, without a doubt, the MIRA’M Educational Project. Developed with the collaboration of several agents, it is one of the oldest initiatives of the Festival, as it has been carried out since the second edition, in 2002. It is a series of screenings for high school students, focused on promote the creation of new audiences and the discussion of various topics of interest. At the end of the screenings, the students have the opportunity to talk with members of the film’s team in a dynamic debate. This is an activity open to all secondary school teachers and students in the Tarragonès region and from 2019 to training centers with students with various abilities.

Over the years, more than 5,000 students from all the IES in the region have gone through the Mira’m sessions, sharing experiences, concerns and emotions with creators, specialists and special guests, creating moments that will last in their memory .

Supported by the Tarragona City Council and the Tarragona County Council, the project also has the collaboration of the Tarragonès Regional Council, which liaises with the IES of the region, as well as providing them with transport for those who do not they come from the city center. Among the collaborators could also be counted the entities that would participate in the debate, and the teachers of the IES, who would help to select the topics to be discussed.



This year the REC and the Jove Kesse space are teaming up to bring MIRA’M to all citizens for three Fridays in November. You will be able to enjoy the screening of three different and poignant films that will surely not leave you indifferent. At the end of the screening, you can participate in an open debate.

The films



Friday Novembre 3rd// 8pm Espai Kesse

Dir: Sophie Linnenbaum. Germany, 2022, 120′. VOSE

What character would you be if our society was a movie? Will you be the protagonist or a sidekick who disappears in the first scene? Faced with this question is Paula, the protagonist of THE ORDINARIES, a dystopian fable that imagines a society divided by cinematic roles. While she shares her daily life with ‘base protagonists’, her dream is to pass the entrance exam that will take her to the Protagonists academy.

With her graduation film, Sophie Linnenbaum builds a film universe full of details and with a staging where everything is welcome: from scenes from great classical musicals to elements of thrillers along the lines of the Hunger Games of hunger) or the meta character of films like Pleaseantville.

At the end of the screening, a discussion will be held led by Núria Araüna, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the URV.


Friday Novembre 10th // 8pm Espai Kesse

Dir.: Nora Fingscheidt. Germany, 2019, 118’ VOSE

Benni is 9 years old and has unbridled energy. In his wild search for affection, he drives everyone around him to despair. It is small, but dangerous; wherever she goes, she ends up being expelled: she is what the child protection service calls a “system crasher”. She goes through several foster homes in search of a love that no one seems to be able to give her, she just wants to be back with her mother!

Big surprise at the Berlin Festival where he shocked everyone with his energy and nerve, and with an unforgettable performance by the young Helena Zengel, Benni’s story grabs you from the first frame and doesn’t leave you until long after it’s over the movie

At the end of the screening, there will be a discussion conducted by Jaume Descarrega, Technical Director of PSICURT and Member of the Culture Commission of the COPC.

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Friday Novembre 17 // 8pmEspai Kesse

Dir. Zeno Graton. Bélgium, 2023. 88′. VOSE


In a juvenile correctional facility, 17-year-old Joe is about to get out, yearning for the outside world. William’s arrival makes him discover new desires that will surface in a very limited space marked by rules and law, and where personal priorities come into play. A ‘coming of age’ in a context in which we do not usually enter dealing with social, sexual and also racial realities.

An exciting story of love, reintegration and hope behind bars and cell walls, mute witnesses of passions that wreak havoc on the longing for freedom.

At the end of the screenings, there will be a discussion with a specialist in the subject covered in the film.