The REC International Festival of Cinema in Tarragona is a festival focused on the new creation and the promotion of the emerging talent, and it’s celebrated since the beggining of the century in the mediterranean city of Tarragona (acknowledged as  World Heritage by the Unesco).

Through its Opera Prima International Competition, with the emerging creators’ first works, along with its parallel sections, every year it’s an exhibition of the contemporanian ways of making cinema. RECLab (founded in 2014) is the one who impulses these new talents, supporting their work and guiding them to the Internatonal circuit.

Founded in 2001 as an Audiovisual Creation Sample, the Festival has been evolving together with the audiovisual language itself, giving diverse manifestations a voice (Live Cinema, video creation, etc.), giving it an informative,open and festive appearance. The Festival reaffirms its compromise with education, information and knowledge about actual cinema, as well as a formation of an audience, which builds the festival as a  knowing  today’s cinema and tomorrow’s creators platform

XXIII edition of the REC will take place from November 22 to 26, 2023


El Metropol

The Teatre Metropol is one of the main indoor theaters in the city of Tarragona located on Rambla Nova and has around 500 seats. It is a modernist work from 1908, by Jujol with clear influences from Gaudí.

Teatre Tarragona

The Teatre Tarragona is located right in the middle of the Rambla Nova, one of the nerve centers of the city with a capacity of almost 700 seats. It is an Italian-style theater with an auditorium and amphitheater.

el teatret

The Teatret del Serrallo is located in the middle of the fishing and sailor district of Tarragona. With nearly 100 locations, it is a welcoming space with a terrace where you can contemplate the spectacular views of the fishing port and the Mediterranean Sea.

CaixaForum Tarragona

Cultural center managed by the “la Caixa” Foundation. Designed for all audiences, it offers temporary exhibitions, cinema and a wide cultural, artistic and educational offer. It is the center of the preliminary screenings of the REC Festival that are offered every Thursday in November.

Espai Jove Kesse

Aimed mainly at young people aged between 12 and 35, but the various activities and initiatives that take place are open to all audiences. In the building, located in the former Faculty of Chemistry and Letters of the URV, activities such as the film programs of the REC Festival take place.

Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona

Created in 1976 to promote the study and knowledge of modern and contemporary art and also to preserve and display artistic heritage and share it with the community. It hosts the RECXics film program of the REC Festival.

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