RECLab is a laboratory that joins to the creators and helps with the internationalization of their work, plus looking out for the best ways of reaching the audience.

It’s celebated along with REC International Festival of Cinema in Tarragona and, since it started in 2014 , carries out a meticulous curatorial task, which is also  of accompanying, that helps propelling first and second movies.

 RECLab’s main activity is the First Test, work-in-progress for Spanish works or co-productions, in different post-production phases that are presented to a reduced group of international experts. The focal point being the selection (that of the project as well as that of the experts), RECLab offers other activities such as one-to-one meetings, in addition to formative and networking activities.

Until now,  RECLab has supported a long list of projects and has a net of international collaborators, participating in the rising of a young and diverse view of the cinema.

Image’s RECLab