Jurat Jove


The Jurat Jove, with a long tradition at the Festival since it was launched in 2013, has expanded the number of places for participation, in order to give space to the most dynamic and involved public in the territory. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you like cinema and want to make your voice heard, you can be a Youth Jury at the REC Festival.

A great opportunity to experience the Festival from the inside, enjoy its projections and atmosphere, meet the guests and come into contact with other cultures.

As members of the Youth Jury, the participants will attend all screenings of the International Opera Prima competition. Based on their assessment, and with a joint final deliberation, they will decide on the proposal deserving of the Jurat Jove award.

It is essential to have availability during the days that the festival is held.

Throughout several participatory actions, the GEN REC initiative will give space to the youngest to promote knowledge of the cultural world, enriching experiences, and the possibility of enjoying the Festival from the inside.