Primer Test

Primer Test is the work-in-progress lab of REC Festival. It offers a space for films in postproduction which want to receive the assessment of international audiovisual agents. Distributors, programmers and sales agents give advice to directors and producers to help the selected films to get in the international market.

Primer Test started in 2014, and faces its 7th edition in 2019, which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December, during the celebration of REC Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tarragona.


In collaboration with Festival L’Alternativa, Malaga Film Festival, Cinemart Rotterdam, Catalan Films and Eclair, Primer Test RecLab 2019 offers the following awards:

  1. ECLAIR AWARD:Sponsored by Eclair and awarded by the committee of experts participating at Primer Test RecLab. It consists of the production of the master in DCP of the original version of the film and a first subtitled version.
  2. MÁLAGA WORK IN PROGRESS AWARD:Thanks to the collaboration between Festival Rec de Tarragona and Malaga Film Festival. The selection committee of Malaga Work In Progress awards the prize, which consists of the direct selection and automatic participation of the project awarded to the MALAGA WORK IN PROGRESS 2020.
  3. CINEMART AWARD:Thanks to the collaboration between Catalan Films & TV and Festival Rec de Tarragona. A Catalan Films & TV committee awards the prize. The award-winning project will be able to travel together with Catalan Films & TV to the Rotterdam International Film Festival and participate in industry activities and in its Cinemart co-production market.

Some of the films selected in Primer Test’s previous editions are:

Game Over, by Alba Sotorra (Karlovy Vary, Best Documentary Gaudí Award)

Júlia Ist, by Elena Martín (Biznaga de Plata in Malaga)

Facing the Wind, by Meritxell Colell (Berlinale Forum)

Trinta Lumes, by Diana Toucedo (Berlinale Panorama)

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