ama gloria


November 25th 

6pm// Teatre Tarragona

Director/ra: Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq.

84′ France, 2023

VOSEng & Cast


Six-year-old Cléo loves her nanny Gloria more than anything. When Gloria suddenly returns to Cape Verde to look after her own children, Cléo makes her promise that they will see each other again soon. The two will have to squeeze the most out of the last summer they spend together.

AMA GLORIA is a story of love and affection, of growth and understanding, moving and captivating, whose strength lies in the simplicity of knowing how to distinguish the small gestures, what is important in life and in relationships.

Marie Amachoukeli in her beautiful first solo feature film (she won the Cannes Camera d’Or with the co-direction of A Thousand Nights, One Wedding in 2014), which seeks maximum proximity to the characters and their most subtle and heartfelt details, without falling into much sentimentality. Narrated through Cléo’s eyes, everything is revealed to us through innocence and the surprise of discovering the world, including the disappointments. The insights are complemented by beautiful animated interludes that remind us that, during childhood, imagination and reality converge and create a fascinating world of its own.

Inaugural Film Semaine de la Critique in Cannes

Grand Jury Prize at the Pingyao Festival (China)

Premiere in Catalonia