Everything is ready for the REC 2023 Festival, which will be held in Tarragona from November 22 to 26, 2023.

The opening ceremony of the REC Festival (November 22) will include the premiere in Catalonia, just before the arrival in commercial theaters, of the new film by Paula Ortiz, TERESA, which will arrive in Tarragona just after being presented at the Seminici de Valladolid and which features performances by Blanca Portillo, Asier Etxeandia and Greta Fernández. The closing of the Festival (November 26) will be the preview of director Michel Gondry’s new work, LE LIVRE DES SOLUTIONS, which arrives in Tarragona as an absolute premiere in Spain.

The international OPERA PRIMA competition section has a dozen productions that showcase the best emerging international talent. This year there are ten films in competition, most of which are premiered in Catalonia and Spain. The screenings that will premiere in Spain will be LOVE IS A GUN, LE RAVISSEMENT, THE LIMITS OF CONSENT, THE (EX)PERIENCE OF LOVE. On the other hand, the premieres in Catalonia this year are HEROICO, THE SWEET EAST, ESTIMA GLORIA, HOW TO HAVE SEX. OPERA PRIMA’s programming closes with productions such as GOODBYE JULIA or SLOW.

Apart from the films competing in the official Opera Prima competition section, which brings out the best international premiere operas competing for the Festival’s awards, REC 2023 also includes some special, out-of-competition screenings that are presented like some of the most impressive proposals of this year’s edition.

Special programming 25-N

The REC Festival celebrates November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with a special program that wants to celebrate the freedom of every woman and the anonymous heroines who fill our lives every day. For this reason, the Festival programs, throughout the day and in different spaces, sessions that have women – their dreams and desires – as the main protagonists.

These are the productions included in the special program for Saturday, November 25:

ARA LA LLUM CAU VERTICAL 12 noon (Teatret del Serrallo)

AMA GLORIA  6pm (Teatre Tarragona)

THE LIMITS OF CONSENT 8pm (Teatre Tarragona)

HOW TO HAVE SEX 10.15pm (Teatre Tarragona)


As for the new voices of African cinema, the spectators of the REC 2023 Festival will be able to enjoy the films proposed by a new generation of creators from sub-Saharan Africa, who challenge the tastes and imposed norms to give way to creations who challenge the rules and who speak for themselves and their identity, regardless of the taste of the rest of the world.

The AFRO! it is already present at the previous sessions that take place every Thursday at CaixaForum Tarragona and will continue during the festival, with the following proposals.

LA NOIRE DE… (BLACK GIRL) Caixa Forum 11.23//7pm

MAMI WATA 11.24//6pm


IO CAPITANO (YO, CAPITÁN) 11.24//10.20pm

Sessions Vermut – November 24, 25 and 26

The REC Festival will host daytime screenings, the Vermut Sessions, at the Teatret del Serrallo on November 24, 25 and 26, in a proposal that maintains the proposal to program productions in a space in front of the sea, with a subsequent gathering with its protagonists .

These are the proposals for the Sessions Vermut of the REC 2023 Festival:

GLORIA 11.24//12 noon

LA IMATGE PERMANENT 11.25//12 noon

UPON ENTRY11.26//12 noon

Pantalla Tàrraco – Novembre 24

This year, the REC Festival adds new projection spaces that allow you to enjoy the most intimate and risky proposals of the Festival in a space open to experimentation. The L’Alquimista bar will be one of the spaces.

Next Friday, November 24, this space will offer a catalog of some of the most unclassifiable feature films of the Festival, ready to be enjoyed in a unique atmosphere and in a space located within the vaults of the Roman circus of Tàrraco. The ticket will include a drink and the bar service will remain open during all screenings.

This is the program that this special cycle will offer:




Special Screenings of the REC Festival

SAMSARA 11.26//4pm

AFTER 11.26//10.15pm