THE (EX)perience of love


November 26th

6pm// Teatre Metropol

Director/ra: Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni

89′ France-Belgium, 2023

VOSEng & Cat


Rémy and Sandra are a couple deep in love, who don’t understand why they are unable to conceive a child. Their gynaecologist tells them that they suffer from the “Past Love Syndrome”. To be cured, they need a radical treatment: they must sleep with each and every one of their past lovers once more. It’s time to go through the Polaroids on the wall, and start the research. This odyssey of consensual extramarital affairs may not have the same effect on each of them.

Metaphors and complicit jokes, visual humour, sharp dialogue and silences that sparkle at the completion of the gag, the creative couple Sirot and Balboni have mischievous fun as they think about what a romantic comedy should be like, scrambling the genre and its codes. But beyond the laughs, THE (EX)PERIENCE OF LOVE flirts with the dogmas that mark what a “normal” relationship is, while ironically and naturally dealing with issues that distress us such as fidelity, trust or expectations in love.

The film has a pop atmosphere, sparkling and enchanting: a sweet madness.

World Premiere at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.

Premiere in Spain