Professional Conference

Professional Conference REC 2018
Day: Tuesday, December 4th
Time: from 10 AM to 2 PM
Place: Espai Turisme (C. Major 37, 43003- Tarragona)


Cinema has been related to technologies since its very beginning, when it was catalogued as one more ‘invention’ of its time. Both from industrial aspects (like 3D in the 50s) and from independent and underground cinema (like Valdelomar an his ‘diaphonic sound’, or the ‘tactil vision’), cinema always has been a channel through which new technologies arrived to main audiences. In this way, the presence of new technologies in diverse areas of cinema shouldn’t surprise us, both in commercial fields and in narrative proposals.

Virtual reality, neurotechnology and, of course, social media, have plunged into audiovisuals and in their agenda long and short-term. But which is the way all this applications will follow, and how will they be related to audiovisuals? How will all this proposals help cinema to preserve and strengthen its centrality as a popular art? How is industry developing this technologies and in which of them is it more interested? Do they have (or will have) narrative significance? Do they concern the way of telling a story? In short, will new technologies change cinema as we know it nowadays?

After a conference about transmedia and new windows of communication in 2016, this year we are going further, trying to consider the current reality of audiovisuals in relation to technologies and the app market, and also showing which are the paths of digital development and research that are being outlined by industry, institutions and market for the most immediate times.

REC 2018 Professional Conference has the support of Fundació Tarragona Smart Mediterranean Region and Càtedra Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City, and also the collaboration of Tarragona Turisme and Tarragona Film Office.




10 h – Introduction to the Conference – Javier Garcia Puerto, REC Festival’s Director, and Santiago Castellà, URV Càtedra Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City’s Director.

10.15 h to 11 h What does cinema demand from technology? Apps, immersive techniques, neuroscience and new trends 

What do ‘incubators’ and ‘accelerators’ do?

Anniken Haldna, from StoryTek (mediatech accelerator –

11 h to 11.30 h. Coffee Break

11.30 h to 12.15 h VJ/VR and other v’s. Influence/presence of current technologies in audiovisual narrativity.

Jose Luis de Vicente, independent curator and head of  I+D Department in Sonar.

12.15 h a 13.15 h Presentation of narrative innovation projects using technological and virtual tools.

13.15 h a 13.45 h Institutional support to technological creativity.

Prado Porris – Technical Advisor of  the G. S. of Promotion of Cultural Industries and Funding – Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain.

  1. 45 h. – Closing.


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