REC does not forget about the youngest ones, and so offers a quality familiar program of international field in order to approach the children to the experience of a cinema festival. Collaborating with the Museu d’Art Modern de Tarragona, once the projection is done, playful and educative activities related to each session’s movie are organized.

RECXics November 12, 19 and 26 11.30pm



Dir. Alain Gagnol i Jean-Loup Felicioli.

France, 2023. 78min VDCat (from 6 years)



Sunday 12 // 11:30am MAMT

Nina likes to go to sleep listening to the stories her father tells her, about a hedgehog discovering the world. One evening, her father, preoccupied with work, does not follow the ritual and does not tell her about a new adventure… Fortunately, her best friend Mehdi is there to help her find a solution: what if the treasure hidden in the ‘old factory could solve all your problems?

At this moment begins a great adventure that involves escaping from the old neighbor and her furry cat, preventing the traps of the factory guard and tricking his big dog… The little hedgehog will lead the investigation by his side!


Dir. Rasmus A. Sivertsen.

Norway, 2022. 79 min. VDCat (from 6 years).



Sunday 19 // 11:30am MAMT

This is the story of three thieves: Casper, Jasper and Jonathan, who live outside the city of Cardamom. They are not happy with their lives, they would like to change some things and feel part of the community. After committing some robberies in the city, they are caught and locked up in prison. There they experience for the first time the benefits of trust and mutual support. When a fire breaks out in Cardamom Tower, the thieves have the opportunity to put solidarity and cooperation into practice, making the change they want in their lives possible.

Tres lladres i un lleó is based on one of the most important Norwegian children’s books of all time.



Sessió de curts per a nens a partir de 6 anys



Sunday 26 // 11:30pm MAMT

Stories for children


Museu d’Art Modern de Tarragona

The Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona, created by the Provincial Council in 1976 and located in the middle of the Upper Part of Tarragona, houses, in its permanent collection, a collection of the main works and authors from Tarragona of the 20th century.

Also echoing contemporary creation in its temporary exhibition rooms, the MAMT hosts REC’s family and children’s sessions, offering fun and educational workshops for the little ones at the end of the screenings.