NEGU HUrbilak


November 24th 

6pm// Bar l’Alquimista


Dir. Col·lectiu Negu

90′ Spain. 2023



The Negu Collective, made up of very young directors, surprised everyone at RECLab 2022, with a lyrical and meditative story in which silence takes shape and says much more than screams. Filmed in a poetic 16 mm, the story unfolds in a Basque town close to the French border at the moment when ETA announces the cessation of terrorist activity, and through reflection and the passage of time manages to address the conflict without stridency basque and its open wounds. In our Lab it won two prizes and in its world premiere at the prestigious Locarno Festival it got a special mention. After their premiere in Valladolid, they return to the city to help us premiere the Sala Tarraco.

RECLab 2022 Deluxe Award and Cinemart Rotterdam

World Premiere in Locarno. Cinematographer of the Present. Special Mention