November 24th

8.10pm// Teatre Metropol

Director/ra: Iris Kaltenbäck. 

97′ France. 2023

VOSEng & Cat



Lydia, a midwife totally involved in her career, feels that the ENG meaning of her life refuses her. Is it because of her recent break- up, the pregnancy of her best friend Salomé, or her encounter with Milos, with whom she could have a potential new relationship? Absorbed by her work, and seemingly lost, she will soon have to make key decisions in her life that will mark her path. Family and motherhood, love and friendship… universal

questions blurred between actions, dilemmas and moralities.

Driven by the charming presence of Lydia, and by the masterful hand of a director who does a great character study, we are caught up in a gripping story that the less you know, the better. So we don’t want to “rob” you of the privilege of experiencing it for the first time.

With such a powerful and fascinating entry into directing and screenwriting, dealing with themes such as loneliness, love, or life in the big city with psychological depth, debutant Iris Kaltenbäck confirms that she is undoubtedly a talent to watch. Tender, moving and disturbing at the same time, LE RAVISSEMENT enchants you and takes you on different paths in the arms of Lydia in her vital search.

SACD Prize at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes

Special Mention at the Zurich Film Festival

Premiere in Spain