How to have sex


November 25th

10.15pm// Teatre Tarragona

Director/ra: Molly Manning Walker.

91′ United Kingdom, 2023



Three British teenage girls go on holiday to celebrate their initiation rituals: drinking, partying and flirting, in what should be the best summer of their lives. As they dance the sunny streets and party the night away, they flirt in search of their crush, and as they dance, intimacies and self-discoveries emerge, all to the.rhythm of the beat.

Luminous images, colour, a cool and forceful soundtrack, and a lot of flow, these are the main features of Manning Walker’s directorial debut. Beyond the endless parties, endless booze and neon lights (i.e. the “Springbreaker” look-a-like), HOW TO HAVE SEX draws a portrait of young adulthood, female friendship and (post)adolescent sexuality and how the first sexual experiences should be (or not).

Bold and provocative, festive and youthful, total fantasy, the most hype film of the season.

Un Certain Regard: Best Film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Best New Director at the Seminci de Valladolid Film Festival

Premiere in Catalonia