November 23th

4pm// Teatre Metropol

Director/ra: David Zonana

88′ Mèxic. 2023

VOS English & Cat


Luis, an 18-year-old with indigenous origins, enters the Heroic Military College in the hoping to secure a better future for himself. There he will become a perfect soldier.

David Zonana (Workforce, 2019), faces his second feature film with a script built on the basis of real experiences narrated by former soldiers, building a story that traps you in its hypnotic rhythm and its narrative capacity to explore elements such as masculinity, group character or normative aggressiveness beyond the stereotypes.

Relentless and upsetting, HEROICO is a brave and powerful military drama that explores and denounces violence, sexism and corruption in Mexico and in the institutions that sustain it. A successful and scathing portrait that underlines the power of cinema to expose uncomfortable realities and shake the viewer.

World Premiere at Sundance 2023 // European Premiere Berlinale 2023

FRIPESCI Award and Mezcal of Guadalajara Festival 2023

Premiere in Catalonia