Goodbye Julia


November 23th

6pm// Teatre Metropol

Dir.: Mohamed Kordofani

120′ Sudan. 2023

VOSAng i Cat


Immersed in a climate of strong political tension just before the segregation of South Sudan, Mona, an ex-Muslim singer, wants to redeem her feelings of guilt by hiring the young Catholic Lisa as a maid, taking her and her son into her home after her husband’s disappearance. GOODBYE JULIA is the story of two women who embody in their own way the “two Sudans” on the verge of separation.

Mohamed Kordsofani presents us with a personal and intimate tale set against the backdrop of a historical event that divided the country and drove thousands of citizens to leave their homes in a climate of hatred and confrontation.

Against this backdrop, two portraits of strong women, Mona and Lisa, accompany the film’s political message. Through their daily lives, a panorama of themes is explored: guilt, revelations, injustice, the weight of patriarchy and conservatism, and much more. Concerns that resonate not only in Sudan but also in the rest of the world.

Prix Liberté du Festival de Cannes (2023)

With the presence of the film’s art director, Azza Mustafa