November 26th 

10.15pm// Teatre Metropol

Dir. Anthony Lapia

69′ France, 2023



A night club in Paris. The rhythm of techno music drags everyone. Young people dance, consume and converse. Félicie meets Saïd, and they both go to his house to hang out. At the peak of the party, between night and day. Conversations in the middle of the night denote a willingness to go further.
With a rhythm according to the hours, incessant music, and spontaneous and naturalistic performances “After” is an evolving and absorbing film that transports you very well to the emotions, situations and sensations of a party night. Longing for freedom, illusion that everything is possible, and desire to make things happen, this is how the hours are stretched (and enjoyed). Sensory and evocative, Anthony Lapia’s debut is quite an experience that will help us close, without a hangover, the XXIII REC.

Special Mention at the New Horizons Festival (Wroclaw, Poland)

24th Jeonju International Film Festival – JIFF 2023

Premiere in Catalonia

With the presence of its director Anthony Lapia and the leading actress Natalia Wiszniewska