November 26th

4pm// Teatre Metropol

Dir. Lois Patiño

113′ Spain, 2023



Samsara is the Buddhist cycle of death and reincarnation. From the temples of Laos, living with adolescent monks, we will accompany a soul in its transit from one body to another through the bard.

The words of the Tibetan Book of the Dead will serve as a guide here so we don’t get lost in the afterlife. Lois Patiño, an old friend of the Festival, takes another step in her career by giving us a film that can (or should) be seen with your eyes closed. Light, sound, poetry… creative elements that combine into a whole to take us on a transmutation of beliefs, experiences and mysteries. And it will add one more track to our AFRO program! reincarnating on the beaches of Zanzibar. A sensory experience, a dazzling journey.


Berlinale (Encounters): Special Jury Prize