IO CAPitano


November 24th

10.20pm// Teatre Metropol

Dir. Matteo Garrone

121′ Italy, 2023



Seydou and Moussa are two young friends from Dakar who decide to travel the long way that separates them from Europe, where they can fulfill their teenage dreams. But first they will have to go through several countries, misadventures, policemen and traffickers. Maestro Mateo Garrone (“Gomorrah”, “Dogma”), who had already been interested in the situation of African migrants in his debut “Terra di mezzo” (1996), gives us an intense and moving initiatory journey narrated from young people’s point of view.

A dazzling film, a testimony built from the collaboration of multiple Africans, which tries to give them a voice so that we see one of the most dramatic contemporary human tragedies from their eyes, and gives us the European counterpoint to our AFRO program ! An unmissable epic odyssey to get to know and understand the other.

Golden Lion for Best Director in Venice (and 10 other awards)

Audience Award for Best European Film at the Sant Sebastià Festival.

Nominated for Best Film and Best Director at the European Academy Awards